Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a diagnosis or the recommended treatment, the best option is to search for a second opinion, even though it may turn out to be same as the first opinion.  The most experienced doctors can make mistakes, so the best way to avoid a misdiagnosis is to seek a second opinion. Confidence and trust are essential when overcoming your health conditions. 

Our experience shows that, in most cases, patients desire a second opinion for the following reasons: 

  • They are unsure whether or not the diagnosis is correct. 
  • They are diagnosed with a rare condition.
  • They have begun the recommended treatment, but are not responding to it as expected. 
  • The recommended treatment from their doctor is controversial, risky, experimental or has lifelong consequences.
  • If the diagnosis is cancer, it is often reasonable and beneficial to search for a second opinion. 

Our experts are renowned medical doctors who have extensive experience and skills in their specific fields, and can produce a high quality second opinion. Some of our specialists are active in clinical research and take part in the instigation of new methods of treatment in their specific fields. If necessary, and you so wish, they can take over your diagnostic and treatment process in Germany.

Please take into account that a second opinion is an expert evaluation of your medical history, diagnosis, treatment or test results (such as laboratory, ultrasound, CT or MRI scan) by another specialist, in order to help you and your local doctor to create the best possible treatment plan for your healthcare. Our recommendations and conclusions can only be acted upon after your local doctor has considered them. We will always be available to your doctor for further questions. 

The process is simple. You send us a brief outline of your health condition. We check whether our specialists can consult you. Following this, you can submit all your medical data in your native language via our secure data transfer system. Our local tele-doctors will consider your health problem and prepare a detailed report. If necessary, they will then contact you. A detailed report is vital in obtaining a qualified second opinion.  Therefore, it is important to answer all the questions on our request form. This report, and your radiology images (if available), will then be sent to our German specialists, and they will produce a written second opinion.

This is an important cornerstone of our work with you in producing a high quality second opinion for your health condition. Please fill out our Request Form and try to provide as much detail as possible when answering the questions. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are important information sources that our experts need in order to properly address your particular case. Should you not be able to provide an SOP, please contact us. We will then be able to advise you of the kind of information and tests that are needed for your particular health condition. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are elaborated and structured according to the latest knowledge and best clinical evidence of current medical practice. These are very important documents, especially for local doctors, when preparing a Medical Report (also known as a ‘Doctors Letter), that will be submitted to our German specialists. A correctly prepared Doctor’s Letter, containing all the relevant information relating to your health condition, is vital for a high quality second opinion. The SOPs aim to guide our patients and local doctors when preparing the most accurate reports regarding your health condition. SOPs are regularly updated by our specialists. 

This depends on how complex the case is and how well the initial diagnoses were made. In cases of simple and average complexity, it usually takes 3 to 10 working days to produce a second opinion. For complex cases, it may be longer. The second opinion can sometimes be obtained in a shorter period of time for urgent cases. In such cases, you may be charged an additional fee.

Your expert will still answer all your questions, and one follow up consultation is always included in our second opinion service.

Not all German doctors offer this service, but it may be possible to talk to some of our experts via a secure video conference, and get his second opinion, in relation to your health condition. A detailed report on your health condition, and radiology images (if available), is compulsory in order to arrange such an online meeting.

The initial consultation is free. If your records are to be sent to one of our experts, you will then need to pay. The amount charged depends on the complexity of the case, the time spent studying your case and the production of a second opinion. The complexity level will be classified as simple, average or complex. After you submit your case via our request form, you will be informed of its level of complexity and its associated cost. If you agree with the level and the cost, then we will proceed with your case. 

Yes, we can assist you to come to Germany. Our ‘International Patient Department’ (IPO) offers services relating to organising your trip to Germany and accompanying you during your stay. The cost of these services varies depending on your needs (interpretation, hotel reservation, transfer from airport etc.). Our IPO will discuss your needs and your visit in detail and create an individual plan for you.   


Yes, and this is very important. A successful treatment always requires careful planning and following up to monitor your health. The follow-up examinations differ depending on your health problem. You do not need to come to Germany every time. You can have your examinations in your country and send them to us. We will then pass them on to your German doctor, who will form an opinion.  

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